Teapioca International Z


Marketing | Temporary Pause to 100 Welcome Points

Hello everyone,

We are temporarily pausing the 100 enrollment points value while the app developers are correcting some bugs found in the system. The Triple Points Tuesdays and 5 extra points per visit are still active.

In the meantime, please remove any marketing materials or anything that might mention the 100 enrollment points.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!


Marketing | Memorial Day Hours

Hi everyone!

With Memorial Day around the corner, please notify the marketing and IT teams of any changes to your store hours.

We are providing flier print files (8.5 x 11 in) for you to print at your convenience.

Special Hours QUICK PRINT: https://ws.onehub.com/workspaces/1153683/files/2613248780
Special Hours CUSTOMIZABLE: https://ws.onehub.com/workspaces/1153683/files/2613248773
Closed on Memorial Day 5/27: https://ws.onehub.com/workspaces/1153683/files/2614081735

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Have a safe weekend and holiday!


Administration | Memorial Day TPI Closure

Dear Teapioca Family,

In honor of Memorial Day, the TPI team will be out of office on Monday, May 27th. If you need to contact us due to an emergency, please message us via Slack.

We’ll resume normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28th. We wish you a safe and happy Memorial Day with your loved ones!…

Administration | URGENT LAW UPDATE Please Read

Dear Franchisees,

Due to a change in the Law regarding Non-Competition Agreements, please find attached a new Sample Non-Solicit and Non-Disclosure Agreement for the Franchise System. We have updated our Operations Manuals to include this Agreement. It is located near the bottom of Section 2 of the Operations Manuals, you may download the Manual in Onehub here: Operations Manuals V3.0.0 – Files – TEAPIOCA-COMMON – Onehub

In order to be in compliance with the new law, it is required that every Franchisee, as well as every staff member working for your Franchise, must read and sign the agreement. Blank spaces are provided for each recipient to fill out. Additionally, Franchisees should replace the address at the bottom with their respective Franchised Business address when their employees fill out the agreement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We would appreciate your urgency on this matter so we can be in compliance with the law, thank you all!…

Administration | New Product Testing

Dear Franchisees,

In our ongoing commitment to offering innovative products and services to our customers, our R&D department continually conducts tests with real customers to gather feedback and data. This ensures that when we introduce new items to our system, we do so with confidence, empowering you to effectively promote and sell these products.

We want to keep you informed about some of the items currently undergoing testing in our Austin area stores. Should a customer inquire about these test items at your location, kindly inform them that they are not yet available there.

Please read the full announcement here on the Knowledge Base to learn about the New Product Testing in Austin.https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/en_US/new-product-testing

Thank you all.…

Administration | Uniform Policy Update in Operations Manuals

Dear Franchisees,

With the new Uniforms coming soon, we wanted to clarify the use and production of uniforms or merchandise for your Franchise business and your staff containing Teapioca Lounge copyrighted logos.

Please read this important announcement regarding an update in the Operations Manuals for this topic in the Knowledge Base here: https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/en_US/annoucement/uniform-policy-update-in-operations-manuals

Thank you. …

Administration | Adding Personnel to the Knowledge Base

Dear Franchisees,

As we begin to utilize our Knowledge Base more for sharing information and Announcements, we understand the need for Managers or other members of your staff to be able to have access to the Knowledge Base to be able to read the information.

Only people with a Teapioca Lounge email will be able to have access to the Knowledge Base for security reasons. So, if you have any staff that you would like to be added, please sent a request ticket via email, along with the emails of the members to – support.it@teapiocalounge.com

As a reminder, each store has 2 TPL emails by default, so there will be a fee of $15/month per extra user, associated if you request more than 2 TPL emails to be created for the store. If you ever have a manager with a TPL email who is no longer a part of your team, please make sure to request us to deactivate their account.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you all!…

Administration | Launch of the New Support Process

Dear Franchisees,

Starting this month, you can use our new Support Solution. The new solution provides us with additional capabilities, such as submitting tickets by email, as well as submitting and tracking tickets via the portal. Furthermore, anyone on your team with a teapiocalounge.com email can send in a ticket.

Please read this article on the Knowledge Base to learn how the New Support Process will work. By following this updated Support Process, our expanded support team will be better equipped to assist you effectively.


Thank you all. …

Marketing | Upcoming promotions for May 2024

Hello! Here are the upcoming promotions MKT has planned for May:

NTL: Bobanada Bonus Points
– Sun, May 5
– 20 rewards points on every Bobanada, any size
– KB article: https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/campaign-reference-sheets/cinco-de-mayo-2024-promotion/version/3?kb_language=en_US

OPT-IN: Macarons
– Fri-Sun, May 10-12
– Buy any 6pc. Or 12pc. Macarons, get 1 free 22oz. Cream BlasTea item
– KB article: https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/campaign-reference-sheets/mothers-day-promotion-2024/version/1?kb_language=en_US

NTL: e-Gift Card Sale
– 25% off e-gift cards with code “MOM24”
– KB article: https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/campaign-reference-sheets/mothers-day-e-gift-card-2024-promotion/version/1?kb_language=en_US

Please let us know by Wed, May 1 if you are participating in the opt-in. You can find additional details and marketing materials for each promotion in the Knowledge Base articles.

Please reach out to us with any questions. Thank you for your participation!


Administration | New Support Ticket Solution!

Dear Franchisees,

Starting May 1st, we will be migrating to a new Support Solution that is much easier to use and more robust. Currently, we are utilizing the Naranga Support Feature, which has limited capabilities and is not user-friendly.

The new Support Solution will greatly enhance the support experience, check out some of the enhancements that this will provide in the full announcement on the Knowledge Base here – https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/en_US/annoucement/new-support-ticket-solution-may24

Additionally, the new Support Portal will be accessible at https://support.teapiocaintl.com/support/home. Please feel free to explore its features.
Thank you all. …