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Information Technology | July 1, 2024, POS Menu Update

Announcements / June 27, 2024

Dear Franchisees,

The following updates will be coming to your POS on July 1, 2024, at the start of the business day.

Phase-out Products:
We will be removing the following Items:
– Pear Slushie
– Pear Smoothie
– Turmeric Sun Cream Blast
– Turmeric Sun Smoothie
– Fresh-Carrot Juice
– Fresh-Carrot Orange Juice
– Durian Snowyn

We will be removing the following Modifiers:
– Pear Flavor
– Yogurt Bursters

Serving Size Reposition: The serving size will be repositioned on the printed labels on the left side of the menu item to be read before the menu item.

Modifier Group Updates: There will be a flow change to how we build our Modifier Groups.

This is mostly a back-office change, and will not impact the front-end view.

If you notice anything off, please inform IT, support.it@teapiocalounge.com.

Thank you.