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Administration | Teapioca Finance Portal Officially Launched Today!

Announcements / July 1, 2024

Dear Franchisees,

Today, July 1, 2024, marks the official deployment date of our Teapioca Finance Portal. You can read more about the Portal release in the Teapioca Knowledge Base: Teapioca Finance Portal.

The Teapioca Finance Portal is a layer on top of POS data that provides insights into sales performance and trends. You can use the royalty information from the Portal for the weekly ACH submission. This royalty information has already been compiled and includes net sales, loyalty, and chargeable discounts, which are required for the weekly ACH form.

Our Finance Department has already created and shared the credentials with you last week. Please use these credentials to access the Teapioca Finance Portal.

Please contact our Finance Department, finance@teapiocalounge.com, if you have any questions regarding the Teapioca Finance Portal.

Thank you.
Teapioca International