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Administration | Please Follow the New Work Request Process!

Announcements / January 8, 2024

Dear Franchisees,

With the start of the new year we wanted to remind you of the new Work Request Process we will begin to follow. This process will help us expedite any request you may have in a timely and organized fashion.

Please read up on the original announcement here for the details- https://kb.teapiocaintl.com/annoucement/2024-work-request-process?from_search=134680329

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will also kindly assist you with the process along the way.

We are also implementing a new way to ensure our communications are reaching you. We kindly request that you REACT to this announcement below to let us know that you have received this message!

Thank you everyone, we anticipate offering our ongoing assistance and support to you.