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Administration | Phase out Products 2024 Phase 2

Announcements / June 18, 2024

Dear Franchisees,

As we continuously strive to optimize our menu, inventory, and enhance the customer experience, we’re announcing more reductions for our product offering. This decision allows us to focus our resources on higher-performing items and streamline inventory management.

We don’t have a specific full-stop end date for these products just yet, but we’ll continuously monitor inventory levels and communicate the final removal date in due time. Our vendor may potentially offer future discounts on some of these products, so continue to check back on the TeaVerse website.

To ensure everyone is informed of the attached list, please confirm that you have received this message by REACTING below. This will help us track who has been notified.

Please read the full announcement, including the list of products on the Knowledge Base – 2024 Phase Out Products – Teapioca Franchise (teapiocaintl.com)

Thank you.