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Administration | New 12 oz testing

Announcements / July 10, 2024

Dear Franchisees,

We are starting a new initiative called “Small Sips” to test the 12 oz size exclusively at select participating test locations. This test is limited to a couple of Teapioca Lounge stores and is not being implemented elsewhere at this time. This is an exciting opportunity to gather valuable feedback and insights on this new size offering.

We believe this trial will help us better understand customer preferences and optimize our product offerings. Based on the results of the testing we will decide whether or not to officially add the 12 oz size drinks to the menu full time for all locations.

If a customer at a non-participating location inquires about the 12 oz drink, please inform them that their location will not be offering them yet. In the near future, your location might become available once the testing phase is completed.

Thank you all…