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New Recipe Submission Process

Have an idea for a new recipe? Follow the steps below to submit your drink ideas. Each selected & approved recipe will receive a $300 check, and your recipe will be featured in our monthly franchisee newsletter.

Remember that not all recipe submissions will be selected and approved. TPI will dictate the
timing to unveil approved recipes based on several factors, including approvals from our legal
team on drink names, trademarks, business, IT, and marketing strategy. Please review the
compliance requirements for adding new drinks to the menu on the second page.

Note: TPI reserves the right to modify the original recipe and determine whether the approved recipe will be seasonal or nonseasonal. A survey will be conducted with all Franchisees as the final approval on new recipes.

What is considered a new recipe? A combination of ingredients that produces a unique flavor that is currently not listed on our menu.

What is NOT considered a new recipe? Adding a different flavor to an existing drink on our menu, for example, substituting Lavender flavor with Vanilla to make a Lavender Chai or Dirty Lavender Chai.

Five-Step Process for New Recipe Submission:

1) Send your new recipe/drink idea to Propose New Product Form

a) Submit recipes using the current recipe format in our recipe book, including step by
step instructions on how to prepare the item.
b) Provide as much information in regards to the drink as possible, for example:

i) Proposed product name
ii) Proposed selling price
iii) Proposed whether the product is Seasonal or Nonseasonal
iv) Any inspirational story or how your recipe idea came about

2) All submitted recipes will be added to our NEW RECIPE QUEUE until TPI determines an
appropriate time to review the recipe and the launch date.

3) Selected recipes (from NEW RECIPE QUEUE) will be forwarded to our internal review
process team.

4) Final recipe approval will be determined via a survey of current Franchisees.
   a) If approved, a name will be assigned, and our R&D Team will calculate the calorie

5) A launch date will then be determined, including a $300 Reward check that will be sent to
the Franchisee.

Compliance Requirements for Adding New Recipe to Menu

Due to franchise law, in order for a drink to be sold in our store, the drink must meet the following
   1) Names of drinks must be verified and no trademark violations are violated
   2) Nutritional values must be completed and listed online
   3) Calorie count must be completed and listed online

● Do submit drink ideas to TPI and wait for final approval before selling locally. ● Do not promote new drinks online before approval from TPI. Several red tapes need to be cleared before any drink can be sold.
● Do review Article 7, Section 7.2 of the OFA to be familiar with Additional Developments for introducing new recipes/drinks. ● Do not assume drink names are available for use. Do not assume drink names are available for use on Social Media, in-store menu, etc. available
● Do understand that launching a new recipe/ drink involves time and effort from every team, including Legal, Accounting, Marketing, IT, etc.) ● Do not encourage your staff to create new drinks (i.e., operate as a science lab to create new drinks.) This can be costly and is an unnecessary use of time and labor.