Our mascot is Xiao Bao 小寶 ,  the red panda. Xiao Bao means “Little Treasure,” and it is a wise, calm, and intelligent creature. The red panda is also known to be a patient and peaceful animal that lives in the forests of Asia. Xiao Bao especially enjoys drinking tea and having a relaxing time with friends.

Xiao Bao’s desirable characteristics are the inspiration behind Teapioca Lounge. The red panda’s demeanor is reflected in our casual, laid-back atmosphere. Its intelligence and wise nature are mirrored in the wide range of drinks we offer. We carry a multitude of drink options to fit everyone’s unique needs and personality. From tea, coffee, to smoothies, we are sure to put attention to quality into the crafting of each drink we make. A wide selection of desserts is also available to complement our drinks.


In addition to this, we also strive to embrace Xiao Bao’s spirit of harmony by providing a setting where friends and families can meet to enjoy time together. It is a perfect place to study with friends or have engaging conversations with loved ones. We even offer our own downloadable apps and games to ensure an entertaining environment for our customers.


The meaning behind the name Xiao Bao, meaning “Little Treasure” is important to Teapioca Lounge because we strive to be a treasure and well-preserved asset in the communities we serve. It is our commitment to provide a soothing setting where high-quality drinks and desserts can be enjoyed. We hope to always be a “Little Treasure” to those that visit our Lounge and be an integral part of great experiences.